Why make the models free when you could earn money from them?

There are two reasons for having the models be open source: Widest possible use: We want to ensure the maximum benefit to people and the planet resulting from our models. The best way to ensure their widespread use is to make them free. Making this argument even stronger, the software that hosts the models is […]

How is the CAC Foundation funded?

Currently, we are in a pre-funding stage of development. Our aim is to use a mix of government funding and impact investments from “social VC” firms to fund the startup of the CAC Foundation. We are exploring a range of options to secure sustainable funding for the CAC Foundation while at the same time ensuing […]

How much does the software cost?

Most organizations that currently undertake Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) already have the tools required to do this. To make these processes concurrent and collaborative requires the addition of a “model-of-models” tool such as RHEA Group’s Comet / CDP4 that is currently in use at ESA. The good news is that the Comet Community Edition […]

Will it cost more to use Digital Engineering and Concurrent Design?

Yes, if you are currently not using these techniques, costs will go up in the short-term. Naturally, any change program comes at a cost. However, in the mid-term and especially in the longer term these techniques and technologies open up exciting new avenues for many different types of cost savings, including the following: Acceleration of […]